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Construction & Renovation

Kingston's Best Homes has completed many full custom home construction projects and a multitude of renovation projects. These projects range from small bathrooms to complete restructuring, rebuilding and refinishing many old heritage and newer homes.

Kington's Best Homes has also recieved heritage awards for our work on older commercial projects downtown and older such as:

  • 5 Emily Street.
  • 12 Wellington Street.
  • 85 King Street.
  • 221 King Street.
  • And the Sir John A MacDonald house.

Our projects are priced on an individual basis and we have a full staff of qualified employees such as carpenters, roofers, drywallers, painters, masons, siders and tilers, therefore, because of the number of Kingston's Best professionals available to you and your project will move along smoothly and finishes on time.

When I describe a renovation project to people I often say "it's lika a marriage, some days you love us and some days there is a give & take, but at the end you will be happy that you chose us."

Custom Building

Since 1984, we at Kingston's Best Homes have built many of Kingston’s most prestigious homes in areas such as Edenwood Estates, Milton Subdivision, Islands, and Lake Ontario Waterfront Properties. At Kingston's Best, we can help you through all the steps, such as picking your dream home, designing your dream home and then planning and building it.

Home Renovations

At Kingston's Best, we specialize in home renovations. We have renovated some of the most unique homes in the Kingston Area. We have done numerous types of renovations, from small to complete inside and out renovations that take longer to build then new. Our staff consists of careful artisans and master craftsmen skilled in these types of renovations. Our careful artisans and master craftsmen and other skilled staff enable us to provide you with an exceptionally fabulous end product. We are able to complete most of our custom building and renovations using our skilled staff and sub-contract little. This has proven to be exceptionally valuable to our customers, as we are able to provide them with outstanding service and products.

Commercial Renovations

Since 1987, we at Kingston's Best Homes have dressed and re-dressed the front facades of buildings in the Kingston downtown and uptown core. We not only beautify the outsides of these commercial buildings, but we renovate the interior to fit each clientele.

Restoration of Heritage Houses

Many of Kingston’s Limestone treasures have had to have major work done to them to ensure that these houses are preserved in their original detail and design. At Kingston's Best, we have a staff of master carpenters and stone masons that can make this happen. In 1994, 1996, 2001 & 2004, we were honoured with Heritage Awards for our work done to these homes.


At Kingston's Best, we have beautified many homes and businesses in the Kingston Area. We have redone complete exteriors from Turn of the Century homes to brand new homes. Each have their own Beauty, and with the right combination of products, colours and finishes, it comes together to create a final unique look customized to your needs.


At Kingston's Best, we do Insulation right. We can warm up your home in many different ways, including:

  • Blown (Cellulose)

  • Foam

  • Fibreglass Bats



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